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Natural poison against termites

THERE are more than 910 companies registered with various pest control bodies in Asia-Pacific countries. Many of these companies use chemical or bio-chemical termite control and termite baiting solutions, which are regulated by law in its usage and sale. However, researchers from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) has come up with an environment- friendly bait to eliminate termites using empty fruit bunches like dried oil palm pulps.

The team has identified a plentiful source of cellulose in Malaysia that can be used in termite baits. They can act as natural poisons to destroy termite colonies and are not harmful to humans. "The formulation of this bait has to be accurately done as too much poison will repel the termites, but too little poison will not be effective," said UMP researcher Abdul Syukor Abd Razak.

He said the cost of producing the bait, known as Pisoptera, is low as it is made from thin layers of dried oil palm pulps. "The use of raw materials for artificial baits has been widely trialed and tested. However, this invention added a new dimension in the utilisation of materials used for the bait," he said.

Read rest of the article: Business Times | Thursday, 08 November 2012



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